Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wednesday in the Middle and a Muddle

Well folks hope everyone is having quilting fun, I have been working on tiny patchwork blocks towards the coat, the pieces are so tiny its exciting to see them come together. I am very muddled who to send the shoebox to with scraps but its ready it just needs securing and wrapping then off to the person this is intended to. I couldnt walk today with my MS I needed my walking stick where ever I had to hobble too. The doctors said there is nothing more they can do some days I will need a wheelchair but I keep walking because I wont have it in my head that some days im going to be a granny in a wheelchair Id rather walk.

Jim dyed my hair gorgeous red this morning so that makes me a true hippy hee hee.

I did want to post some pictures from yesterday but I cant find them darling, little Rachel downloaded them for me. Maybe tomorrow I will find them Im not really a wizard on computers I still get stuck here and there.

Reading other peoples blogs have got me itching to paint again what with all the wonderful quilt ideas I used to do an awful lot of painting at one time, infact I was a trained signwriter but climbing ladders was not my thing so never actually worked for firms signwriting but it was good training on brush tecniques. I would of been made redundant anyway because the computers took over shopsigns completely rather than them being hand painted the old traditional way.

Nothing can beat hand made, hand done things, yes its great to have sewing machines and computers but the real magic is in the hand-made item. To me this something special, handpainted, hand quilted everything done by hand theres a real feel and aura there that makes the hairs stand up at the back of your neck. That is why I love hand done things so much.

I keep thinking its a friday I dont know why. Thats why I have written Wednesday in the Middle and a Muddle.
I have uploaded a picture of St Anthonys because when I lost my hearing aid the the bits for the top of the cooker I was panicking a bit so I emailed Pam and Pam told me to ask St Anthony, so took a walk with my dogs and asked him and do you know what that evening the cooker bits were found under the desk and I found my hearing aid it was in bed with me all week. So Thankyou St Anthonys and thankyou Pam for telling me about him I never knew about him.
Theres a road right next to where I used to live as a little girl called St Anthonys Road but never gate much thought about the name St Anthony.
Hope everyone is having quilting fun.
Faith Scratch and Alicexxx

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