Tuesday, 22 July 2008

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Other Ideas

The fabric Swap project has opened up other ideas, so I hunted round my boxes still placed here and there in the living room from the move from Sheffield and I pulled out some pieces of my own hand made crafts that I think will go to good homes in the next couple of weeks along with the bits of fabrics. It would be nice for them to go where appreciated being handmade and designed by me than just stuck in a box doing nothing. I have been in agony with my legs all day, in fact I cant even walk over the road without hanging onto Jim and dragging my legs like a penguin. Worst of it is with MS pain which I have a new nickname for MAD SQUIRRELS, the doctors don’t really know what to do, just give me painkillers which don’t work straight away, argh!! How annoying, all everyone can do is just wait, the steroids that I had a few weeks ago should of kicked in to help me to be pain free but my legs and other areas decided to play havoc with me making me feel if I get electric shocks now and again right on the nerves. I have enjoyed reading a lot of peoples blogs, in fact is has given me some creative ideas to try out, primitive hand painted trays designed and painted after reading blogs about people and their personality. I love the blog world I have learned so much about other styles of quilting and the wonderful friends and people who make them. I have been sat out in the garden thinking while working with my paintbrush and snip snipping away my painful legs just kept going
“Zing…Zing….” And I just kept saying to my legs ;
“Now stop it, just back off with you?” The neighbours must of thought I was mad talking to myself but you have say something when throbbing with unbearable pain.
I'm am a bit mad anyway creative and mad look at my name…nutbudquilter.
I also love embroidery so now and again I include embroidery in some of my quilts.
Theres so much more that I would like to learn to dress make so that I can include my own sewing, embroidery, quilting ideas into wearable quilts and garments. Following sewing patterns and understanding them has always been my problem and where I often go into difficulties, often abandoning the project, never to touch the part sewn garment again.
My mum showed me a lady sewing hexagons at a working industrial museum around 1977 at the Abbeydale Hamlet Industrial Museum.Sheffield. It was wonderful seeing people dressed in Victorian clothing and seeing the handmade quilts in the bare, poor barren little cottages. I never got into quilting properly til after my road accident in 1991 when I got knocked down with a car and ended up with a broken arm, broken leg and serious head-injuries. I was in a wheelchair for four months, a kind needle worker gave me a hexagon flower to work on, to build up and cut out more hexagons, I became hooked on the patchwork fever and just wanted more and more.
Life got busy, I got married,had a couple of horses and got divorced. Some days I picked up the patchwork and sometimes the patchwork never got touched for months but thankfully I still kept a lot of the pieces. Through the MS moments in hospital that same quilt I started on all those years ago got more loving treatment and more stitching done. I am still stitching round the leaves in buttonhole stitch in silk or cotton depending in what ever I can lay my hands on. I will try and get some more pictures posted in the next couple of days.

Here I have included a picture of the Indian chief that lives on my wall, I have decided to call him Shipshewanna after reading the wonderful book about the Shipshewanna blessings quilt which wonderful Pam has sent me. My mum did me this picture about four years ago and I could never find a good name for him so now hes Chief Shipshewanna.

I'm just looking up the sky and thinking, are we going to get another day of sun today? this time I had better put my suncream on, I forgot yesterday.

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