Monday, 14 July 2008

Simply Blue

The Arbour All Blue

Outside the weather was dry but dull so decided to get on with a bit more on the arbour painting other parts blue. Tomorrow I will paint the inside of the seat, me and Rachel managed to tilt the seat back upright and it’s nice to see the arbour in it’s proper position again. I hope the weather will behave itself tomorrow so that I can get on with a bit more painting. Meanwhile I am going to show you some more pictures of the garden so that you get a rough idea how it’s all looking.
I'm needing more quilt marker pencils so I'm waiting for Jim to get home so that he can lift the boxes from the wardrobe so that I can rummage through my quilting goodies and see what I have got. The air marker quilting pen is playing up and not marking properly so I guess this is drying up even though the top has been on and other pens just have not been suitable grrrrrr. I guess tonight I will be sewing round the leaves. My favourite lamp has blown both bulbs to it’s a trip to the DIY store to get some lightbulbs.

I managed to put another tub on the front pathway of Lavender,cornflowers and another nice purple plant everything takes time to grow.

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mamaspark said...

So pretty, I really like the blue!