Saturday, 12 July 2008

Start On The Tango dreams Quilt Top

The Tango Quilt Top

Tango is a name also for an orange colour. Yesterday I dyed some backing cloths in orange to match the wonderful quilt top that Mary had sent me for the charity quilt.
I'm delighted with the result, all I need to do now is get some wadding then baste the whole layers together, I will be using the basting gun as basting just takes too long to sew and stitch by hand, not not forgetting to use the word “fiddly”.
I mentioned to my partner Jim could you nip me to the sewing shop while in Sheffield?
Jim pulled a face, he’s got no choice after all he is with a quilter ;o).
We have to travel back to Sheffield to check my flat, take down all the curtains and collect a few bits and pieces before the removal men arrive next Thursday, everything is already packed in boxes so hopefully everything should be OK.
I will be bringing my little foldaway table back with me from the flat.
I have missed this little table just to put my sewing machine on, also I will be bringing my mega sewing box, this is another item I have missed, my mum bought me this sewing box from a charity shop which was lovingly hand made by someone I presume a carpenter for his Sweetheart, this is a mega big wooden thing but it’s got all my handy bits and pieces in for sewing, you don’t realise how attached you become to these items until you are away from them.
This MS thing that I have still has it’s good days and bad days with me. The MS strikes when I go shopping and walking round shops sending shooting pains and numbness down my legs and hands, (god I hate this), then I have to hang onto Jim like a little old lady and drag my feet along I should wear roller skates so that Jim can just drag me a long when the lightning strikes……chuckle.
There is a new method I am dying to learn about called Colour-que. I tried to read a blog tutorial page last night but the tutorial would not work despite dragging three different computer boffins to the computer enquiring why wouldn’t the tutorial work?
The boffins explained that it was a site problem, so I wrote an email to the lady.
Hope everyone is having fun quilting today.


This quilt now has a new name Tango Dreams and you will be hearing a lot about this quilt over the next few days, I like giving my quilts names it makes them more personal and easier to talk about them when they have a name. I got the backing and some gorgeous quilting cotton thread, my credit card did have a bashing but oh well you only live once. The mini table was set up, there was no room to bring the sewing box back in the car but everything will be arriving next week yippee!!!
Oh by the way I did hear back from the wonderful lady about the colour-que technique and she explained that the tutorial had not been downloaded yet.
Soft coloured pencils are used on cotton fabric then glazed over with a textile medium mixed with water then fixed with an iron when dried sounds great doesn’t it.

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mamaspark said...

Huzzah! The quilt looks great! I like seeing the lurcher on it. Glad you explained about the colorque site, I couldn't load it either and just thought my Mac was the issue. Let me know when you are able to view it. I colored in some flowers on the back of my sister's quilt now need to set them with the textile medium! We will see how that turns out!