Saturday, 2 August 2008


About 2am there was a downpour of heavy rain and Jim was still up practising on his Lead guitar and moaning about the rain as the car roof was up and the bin hadn’t yet
been put outside. Meanwhile I had been in bed since ten with a sore back and electric shock like syndromes dancing all up and down my limbs, all do to with this Mad Squirrel thing, MS.
The wonderful thing about that rain it has cooled everywhere down and made everywhere lovely and fresh again after a few days of rather hot dusty weather which has made the air dry and nights rather muggy and humid. I know because a lot of nights Ive just not been able to sleep, due to a cocktail of heat and pain ouch!!
I have ordered a book about how to do very fine hand quilting, making a white piece of boring fabric look like a piece of magic. I am still working on my coat, I had to get some boxes of plasters and tape to wrap round my middle finger as this gets sore while hand quilting yet the sores are not the top of the finger but the middle. We all have weird and wonderful ways how we sew, we develop these habits that we cant snub out, its just the way we are.
I had to write letters and give up all my benefits welfare state books because I'm living with Jim I must admit that was very hard and left me quite vulnerable and insecure.
I was left with the horrible thoughts of never being able to go into a patchwork shop and buy lovely fat quarters again. (silly me but these thoughts happen) I will have to reapply for things again and yes I have enough projects to do, what is a matter with me. There is enough black sacks of fabrics to make the ceiling come down with them all in the attic. I keep telling my mind MAKE USE OF WHAT IVE GOT. There are two quilt competitions dancing in my mind and the wonderful thing is, these quilt competitions are just 24inch squares, both of them. One for September, I don’t think Ill have enough time for that one but I will give it a whirl and theres a spring one for next year. So who knows what is going to come out of the cauldron with quilt ideas.
I have included this yummy painting well its a print found on some all site its yummy and gorgeous and gives me alot of inspiration, makes me smile and want to quilt,sew more.
Happy Quilting xx


mamaspark said...

The poster is beautiful, so vibrant! No worries, you will right yourself soon and things will be ok. In the mean time keep busy with what you have. We ALL have enough to keep us busy, right?

Sweet P said...

The poster is awesome. I'm sorry to hear about your physical problems. Heat is not good when you're in pain. I have so many projects that I don't need to go shopping for a long time either.