Monday, 4 August 2008

Witchy Woo

MS RANTS and the Witchy Woo

My MS makes me get up very early in the morning so I just get up, leave everyone in slumberland upstairs and get on my computer and write read and research things.
I'm going to post a picture of what I'm doing. I have painted a picture of a witch to try and take part in a folk art competition this year. Its all an experiment, it may work out it may not. I used waxed water soluble crayons for the middle witch. This is not too bad but I wont try this again unless working on a very modern piece. I have mixed liquitex textile medium in the paint and in the water that I mix with acrylic paints.
I will just use acrylics in the future with textile medium as it works best.
I'm going to paint over the witch quite fine as she looks a bit smudged. I have to do the moon and the bats. I don’t quite know what to do round the bottom yet. With the applique technique and with it being folk art I might blanket stitch round the shapes.
I used some metallic liquid acrylics and it works super round the edges, I love that glittery effect. I need to just neaten the corners a bit then can concentrate on the finer things.
Meanwhile we have a new track on you tube called Rebel Man

so do take a peep have a look and get rocking.
I have posted a number of emails explaining what I have done including Suzi Quatro and Carl Palmer. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a cardboard box and no one can hear or listening they are just walking on by past the cardboard box.
The main thing is just to keep really busy and positive. I have been reading a lot of other peoples blogs with MS and also others who suffer from this.
My mum gave me a cross to wear with a specialised stone to combat this naughty MS thing and sometimes I think it works because I have been really positive and just getting on with things. I must admit last Friday I was very depressed and crying at everything and feeling very lonely but I'm OK now. You just have to keep rocking on don’t you.
For the front of the witch picture I have used cotton lawn cotton as its lovely and fine and gorgeous to quilt. Ideally I would of liked to work on silk but silk is expensive and that equipment is still in boxes somewhere. Ive to iron some fusion to some plain white cotton lawn then to paint direct onto the fabric with acrylic paints and textile medium, so who knows what will happen. The vast space around the witch makes me feel uncomfortable so in my mind I'm toying with ideas and different images.
Meanwhile just keep watching this space.

Happy Quilting!!

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Paula Hewitt said...

I like this witch - i think the colours are great. I hope the MS doesn't give you too much grief, too much of the time.