Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hallie Gets Painted


Finally Hallie gets painted ready to go on Witchy Woos broom, I have yet to cut round her then iron her onto the broom so that she does not escape. Hallie has been very good at that, a few times I had lost her on my desk, then when I wanted to download a picture she just simply disappeared maybe to catch a mouse somewhere.
Jim took me to Loughborough little town to the patchwork shop to get some quilting threads for Witchy Woo and I wanted a glitter glaze medium to paint over the cloak to make it look magical and bits and pieces round witchy and some of the border.
So far I am pleased with everything. All I have to do tonight is fit and fix everything in place, the bats, the moon, the border not forgetting Hallie. Some things I may have to stitch around.
We have had rain all day, and I must admit I ached like mad when I got back but it was worth it to get the threads some more fusion paper and to get out of the house.
Its now Sunday morning and boy oh boy dont I ache this damn MS thing hitting back with a vengeance all because I had a walkabout in Loughborough.
I get frustrating mistakes too!
The bottom border gaped and came away a little bit so I have to unpick the gold button hole stitching, iron this piece again or take this away and add some more fusion just to secure this, then stitch again. On the competition paper Im entering the bracket hand made, everything done by hand so no sewing machines used. Id be very surprised if I get this piece completed. I have a lot of hard work to do all hand.
The photo has to be taken and entered in with the form by the end of August, I must be absolutely mad!!! But Im so determined to enter and just take part.
Hope everyone is having fun and not aching like hell just like me.
Happy Quiltingxxx

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Little Mysteries said...

Witchy Woo and Hallie look wonderful. I love the look of the quilt, and all the colours. Hope you stop aching asap.