Friday, 15 August 2008

Oh Robin Hood

To See Robin Hood

Hope everyone is fine. On the Friday morning Jim took me to see the MS centre to see where it is and what the place has to offer. It’s a charitable organisation that help those who have the MS condition. It was good to go I got lots of information and leaflets, advice.
In the afternoon we decided to go to Nottingham, and wow what a really big city this place is all on a hill. We went to what is supposed to be the oldest pub in England.
I must admit I expected a castle to stand out with turrets and everything just like the Robin Hood film. There was a building on the rock which looked about Georgian style but the rock where the old castle was stood was amazing to see.
We took some photos and found some orbs spirit entities which are circles within circles. Paranormal spirit balls, they are amazing, to me this means a spirit is there.
Sometimes these spirits show themselves as what people call ghosts and other times they show themselves as spirit balls. I will definitely show you the pictures. I found it all exciting.
There were tunnels within the rocks and when Jim placed the camera inside the gate I saw a quick white flash which was not the camera but something there and wow Jim caught this tiny ball on camera.
Inside the pub was fantastic all we needed where characters out of the Lord of the Rings or those out of Robin Hood in hoods and cloaks. The ceiling and the walls were all rock and what a great atmosphere.
We had a gorgeous pub lunch, I couldn’t take a picture as it was dark but I had burger and chips and Jim had a vegetarian dish of goats cheese with something and chips.
We had plenty of happy drinks. After that we climbed up the hill to see some part of the museum and the castle grounds. We didn’t have time to see everything but we will definitely go again and I will take my sketchbooks I had a lot of quilting ideas as I looked round certain things.
At the top of the tunnel picture look at that tiny circle just on the edge of the brick work.

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Pat said...

Faith, Glad you got some advice on the MS and looks like a fun time in Nottingham :)