Monday, 18 August 2008

Happiness and The Start Of The Autumn Cher Quilt

Wonderful Oak Leaves For The start Of The Autumn Cher Project

Look what the postman bought from wonderful Cher I just added my amber necklace in the picture just to make it more arty,

Oakleaf shapes drawn round the edge onto cardboard.


I have learnt that Happiness, Positive Thinking and wonderful friends like
All of you keep the pain at bay and my MS under control. I had a wonderful
Surprise this morning I was fast asleep on my bed, heard my partner leave and say goodbye before going to work and had no idea what wonderful surprise lay on the bed til I woke up. A package from a wonderful quilter from Cher. It was like the fairies had been leaving a 50p under the pillow after giving a fallen out tooth when a child.
What a wonderful surprise, I love the brown fabrics and the quilting magazine, this gave me a lot of ideas and got me thinking while walking the dogs on the field.
It had just been raining so everywhere was lovely and fresh and the leaves on the trees all lovely and green. A new project had started in my head while I picked a small branch from the oak tree. I asked the tree and thanked the tree for letting me have a few of its gorgeous leaves. Just look what I'm going to do…… I have some wonderful leaf shapes thanks to the oak tree. I will take some progress pictures of what I'm doing.
Yesterday on the Sunday I went to a Spirit Soul and Mind fayre held in a tiny church hall. There were just a few stalls there, but there was this man working for a charity doing Reiki healing and massage, what I liked about this man was that every payment given half went to charity in the charity box. I liked that, I didn’t feel it was being robbed or conned. I seated myself on the specialist chair and the reiki healer got to work, what fabulous feelings and sensations with healing hands at work. I felt energised and my back and neck sort of clicked back in place and massaged.
I'm very pleased to say that I have been button hole stitching round the Witchy Woo border. Ive to button hole stitch inside the border now and straight stitch on the inside of Hallie the Cat , the bats and do something with the moon as the crescent moon has fallen off, this moon perhaps needs some more iron on fusion at the back of it, I have bought some more fusion paper now so this should work.
Thankyou Pam from Mamasparks for explaining to me how to put words next to my pictures I have cracked it now, took me a while to sort out though.

In a few days it is my sister's birthday and I need some gold ribbon to wrap round her little prezzie so its off to the little sewing shop in town.
Have fun everyone and keep looking how these new and old projects are progressing.

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Cher said...

It is always hard to send off fabric and know if it will be a hit or a miss-in this case, it seems to be a big hit-I am so glad it brighten up your day Faith! love the oak leaves idea..I will be checking in to see how you are getting on.