Tuesday, 19 August 2008

At Last Card Done and Finished

Magic Tree Card Done and Finished.

Whooo talk about busy busy its been all go at the moment.
Finally, thank goodness I have completed the card. This card is the magic tree and took me a long time to draw out and paint. I hope that my sister will like this, she will be 51. I have put in some glitter stars hee hee and a tiny passport pic of me as she hasn’t got a recent picture of me. Yesterday was busy too I got some sort of cream cotton material for two pounds a metre which I thought was a bargain, I got about four metres and some left overs on a roll end which I got reduced too. I'm pleased about that as some will go towards the Autumn Cher Quilt and other things.
Fabric paint onto? Or a background for a block. I'm going to get something to eat for lunch, have a rest, then get on with Witchy Woo. Poor girl I think shes feeling just a little left out with me doing the card.
I hope everyone is having quilting fun.

Faith Scratch and Alicexxx

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Karen Dianne Lee said...

This is really pretty!!!