Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pretty Parrot

This blog is in between doing my buttonhole stitching round the inside of witchy woos border and drooling over things in the most recent patchwork magazine in the UK. There are some fantastic ideas and colour combinations. In next month’s addition there will be a kitchen witch pattern to make up a doll and wow I just cant wait for that. I love anything with ideas like that for witches and wizards. Hand stitching takes a long time. I have to do a bit then take rest. My legs and arm will give me burning pains and remind me
“Hey steady now…. Time to take a rest”
So I reluctantly take a lie down rest, then a few hours later or even less than an hour I get back on with some sewing again. I have been in touch with a secretary for another MS group which meets up every Tuesday in the day and I'm delighted about that.
The secretary has even told me there is another lady that goes that is mad on quilting so it will be nice to meet another quilter. The MS group is in this area for Beaumont Leys, so that’s nice I don’t have to go right to the other side of the city. I still have to find this church where apparently the meetings take place in this church hall.
The beige backing cloth is in the washing machine being washed yet again as when I went to get the cloth out to hang on the line, quite a bit of water just flooded a small area of the kitchen floor plus the cloth was still dripping wet, so in back the washing machine this went. Another mop on the floor with the floor mop then back to stitching again. Just as well the cloth went back in the machine as outside the skies decides that the garden needs rain again and some good drizzle.
The lovely bright red postbox got fed some more envelopes with competition entries for the patchwork magazine’s fabric galore. Drooling I am over bits of material of packs of fat quarters and Jellyrolls all in this month and next months prizes.
Contentedness floated into my mind when amazingly I remembered to enter the competition, usually I'm so busy that I forget.
The morning was quite entertaining with a little walk over the road to the shopping centre. There were two lovely witch dolls which I grabbed for a bargain at about two to three pounds each. These would be ideal for the stall at future psychic fayres in a couple of months time. In the outdoor area of the shopping centre showed a display of some animals for a charity organization so I got home and fetched Rachel to take some photos of these lovely animals of parrots, owls, some sort of skunk animal and tiny meerkats. I was not too keen on the hairy spiders and the snakes I stood quite a distance from those. Hopefully these pictures will turn out OK for you to see.

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Paula Hewitt said...

thats a great photo with the parrot! did you make the patchwork waistcoat?