Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dog Proof?

For this Gold buttonhole stitching I used Robison Anton threads and this has been brilliant lovely to work with as if sewing silk

Here I'm showing a close up picture of the buttonhole stitching that I'm doing.
I'm hoping this looks okay what do you think? I have another two borders the inside to do. This is towards a folk art competition doing everything by hand so I thought this looks more folk arty.
I have my special chair where I sit to stitch and I really thought it was dog proof that no dogs would get in there. Its too high and far too small.
Look at this picture of Alice I was proven absolutely wrong, while I type this she is still there and wont budge to move. Alice might move if I wave some meat tit bits out of the fridge. Dogs eh, they make you laugh and when you think they can’t oh yes they will!
I'm hoping to do a lot more on Witchy project and I'm hoping to get the batting and backing cloth together soon. I'm going to use a very light cotton at the back so that if it looks just a little untidy it does not matter. The final backing cloth is a bit more posher and has a nice pattern on this reminding me of cobwebs. When I get to that stage I will take some photos and let you know how I'm getting on.

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