Saturday, 23 August 2008

Embroiderer’s Delight.

Embroiderer’s Delight.

Aren't there just some gorgeous fabrics around! I have been drooling over the latest new website here in the UK called Quilters Cloth and they have some delicious fabrics. I don’t have the pennies right now to buy fabrics but in the future I will definitely go to this site. I am working hard on witchy woo and when I need to take a break I read this lovely embroidery book about how gorgeous waistcoats and petticoats were made in the 17th century and the 1800’s, theres even a tiny bit about hand quilted petticoats fascinating to read. I have included a picture here of this lovely book on top of one of my tapestry bags I made a while ago which is now falling to bits. The embroiderers and quilters worked from six in the morning until eight at night, six days a week all great to read about.
I hope everyone is OK as I have not heard from anyone. Only two more days left before I go to the MS group and wow I'm really looking forward to it.


Little Mysteries said...

Gorgeous looking book. I was dribbling over it at Amazon about a week ago. You have fine taste.
Hope your having a good week.

mamaspark said...

HI Faith, This book looks really interesting! I bet you are having fun reading it and getting tons of new ideas!