Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hallie Gets A Stitching

Im starting to enjoy the project more now that the gold stitching has been done all round the edge which took hours, days and days to do. Ive done a running stitch round Hallie the cat and stitched her some whiskers with metallic white thread which Im really pleased with, I could feel her purring..
“Thankyou Faith”
Ive stitched round the bats also with black metallic thread in running stitch and pleased how its all looking folk arty. All the family in the house felt that the moon would make the image too cluttered so Ive decided to leave the moon out.
Im going to iron some batik fabric onto fusing paper for some stars to go round the bottom of the broom, stitch round these in the same style then the fun bit….hand quilting yippee!!, I will certainly take pictures of all the progress. Im happy to be able to keep stitching despite half of someone elses kitchen units in the dining room that will be fitted into the kitchen eventually. This project is certainly helping me to switch off. The competition venue will be the Halloween one on the 31st of October for somewhere down Malvern in Worcs I think. This gives me chance to enjoy the stitching more with just a little bit more time without being rushed and under pressure.
Thankyou very much for those who leave a comment, it means a lot to me Ive not been able to get out of the house much thanks to this MS just flaring up with some of its naughty symptoms, but Im home, stitching, quilting and blogging and that makes me happy.
Here all the stars are on and stitched. Theres just the hand quilting to do now.


Sweet P said...

Wow! What an awesome project! Great job!

mamaspark said...

This is awesome and I love it!! You are an inspiration!! Hal is such a cutie!

Little Mysteries said...

Wow! Its looking fantastic so far. The gold stitching around the edges is amazing. I love the patchwork cloak too. Can't wait to see it finished. Its really amazing.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a totally neat piece. Wow.

Cher said...

this is looking so fantastic! nice stitching!