Saturday, 30 August 2008

What Is the second block?

The fun with beads and star shaped sequins will now take place being sewn bit by bit on Witchy Woo. I have been strict with myself not to sew while tired otherwise mistakes would be made. The best time is always the morning in natural daylight when not as tired and inspiration fresh.
I bought some cotton canvas to stick on the back to make the picture more firmer when used as a wall hanging. The sides have been trimmed and already it feels strange as the quilted piece feels lighter after working so long with large pieces of fabric at the side to help stabilise while hand quilting. All day Saturday and at night Jim is working so I will be able to spend a lot of hours working on the beading, hopefully stick on the canvas then ontop of that the final backing then the binding to do the bit that I really hate doing.
Already I have been looking at other competitions to have ago for next year.
One is called One Block Wonder so have researched and looked at the wonderful quilts done with the One Block Wonder method. The One Block Wonder book has been ordered to have a look at and Im already thinking of ideas.
Today with it being Jims day off from work we went to the museum to have a look and really enjoyed it. I did take my sketch books and paints with me but didn’t get time. Im determined to go again and do some sketches for different ideas for the future. Im always better when Im on my own in these places so that Im not worried about anyone else waiting for me or being bored.
The photo in this blog are some sunflowers out of our garden, these have been very temperamental drooping when ever they are dry, but so far they are doing well.
Can Anyone please help me with the name of the second block I have the name for the first block and the third one but just cannot find out what the name for the second block is despite looking all through my quilting blocks and going through loads of sites. Id be very grateful for your help, its for a competition of some fat quarters in a quilting magazine.

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