Monday, 8 September 2008


The last few days has been nothing but heavy rain and monsoon weather.
Yesterday when me and Jim went to the supermarket we were surprised at the flooded car park at the end of the Co-op in Anstey Village. I have included a picture.
On the quilting front I just have the moon to cut out and sew to put on Witchy Woo.
There was a car boot sale over the road so got some cotton fabrics to wash and cut out from old clothing, these work qreat on scrap quilt ideas, there are so many things I want to have a got at on the machine, especially paper piecing. Im a total beginner on that front, I can do old fashioned paper piecing but machine piecing I have got to practise at this. So the shirts have been bundled in the washing machine for a wash and looking at the weather, looks like Ill have to put the drier on.
I have ordered a book about one block wonder quilts as this will be the theme for next years competition. So Im researching about this and looking at pictures and quilts on the net. I was rather surprised to phone one of big quilt shops in the uk to get a reply that they don’t sell anything at all to do with One Block Wonders, they were not really helpful so put the phone down dismayed. So if you have any pictures or diagrams information about One Block Wonders Ill be grateful.
I hope everyone is having quilting fun and not too rained off with this weather.

My mum bless her is sending me some special starts to sew on witchy woo bless her, so im going to wait for these in the post, sew them on then get on with the backing and binding. While Im waiting for that Im working on my coat blocks, keep looking and I will post some pictures xx

At last I have managed to upload the photos of the blocks that Im working on while Im waiting for my stars and the one block wonder book. Im like an excited kid waiting for santa to come with that book.
Notice on my block I have to sew the corner bits now for each block, I have mega mega more of these to do for a coat but it will be worth it.


Gina said...

try this blog site

love and hugs Gina xxx

Joyce said...

I have been working on a One Block Wonder quilt. You can see the book and ruler I've been using on my June 18 post. It has been a LOT of fun and is turning out amazingly well considering my level of experience.
There are lots of posts about it on my blog between then and now. I have been working on it between other projects. I'll be starting another one as soon as this one is done, or maybe before if I can't wait.

Julia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Faith. Think I've been lucky with the weather here - it seems to have been all around me, but I haven't been affected by it adversely.

Love the hand-quilted needle folder - lovely colours!

Julia :0)

Simone said...

Hello Faith. Thanks for the comments left on my blog. We didn't have any rain today but we had monsoon weather last friday and saturday. You are a very creative lady. I just had a whizz through your blog. I love the card you made for your sister. I love the photo at the bottom of the blog too!