Monday, 29 December 2008

Fishes On Silk

After all the busy Christmas Dramas, it was nice to chill out and catch up on the crafts still waiting to be done. Quite a few months ago my mum gave me a some boxes of silk paints and some scarves to have a go at painting. I have been itching to get on with these for quite some time so it was great fun to get the paint brushes back out and at last get the large frame put together needed for the large scarf. The outlines had already been done so all I needed to do was wet the silk surface first. This is really tricky as you have to sort of paint inside the lines being careful not to go over the edge otherwise the colours will run. Unfortunately this happened but all I could do was carry on and just put this down to experience, maybe the more I do hee hee the better I will get at this.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, we all got lots of lovely presents and the dogs all certainly enjoyed their tit bits. Ive got to get a plug transformer for the applique mini iron that Pam has got for me I will get that tomorrow as I fancy an outing to town.

The Christmas tree will stay up til after the new year, its too nice to take down. We got a real Christmas tree whom I nicknamed Bella, so Bella can still sit in the corner longer there with all her pretty lights and baubles.

I have included some pictures of the silk scarf, not bad for the first one but I still want to practise doing loads more and do some of my own designs.

Hope everyone is still having fun and find some time to get on with some patchwork.


mamaspark said...

I can't believe how beautiful your work is! Every time I see it I think it is commercial and then you tell me you painted it. Your talent blows me away!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty awesome too!!

MYRA said...

Hi Faith!
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! 8-)
I took a read and look at your blog. You are one talented lady indeed! Wow!
How far along are you on the vest you are making for your Jim? It is is all your creations... 8-)
Sorry to hear of your MS flaring up, but good to hear you are able to get around better now... My best school chum has MS, so I can understand a bit of your predicament.
I shall be back for a visit again... 8-)
Take care!