Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve Are You ready?

The Lovely Illustrated Book signed by the author.

Absolutely great scissorcase and needlecase which is just what I needed. Noticed I put them to use straight away.

Has everyone got everything done? theres still the dog titbits and toys to wrap up which will have to be done in a different room without them knowing as they are just like children they know its christmas and get excited.

I managed to hoover up which I'm pleased about as trying to do things with a numb leg is just like having a stump there, you cant feel anything but strange sensations and when on the leg too much nuisance pain. I also managed to walk the dogs on the field not so far away. I'm really pleased about that as nothing beats that feeling when you can walk free in the open air with green grass under your feet. We don't have snow yet but i can imagine it wont be too far away.
The book is great and has given some ideas for the future as I enjoy illustrating artwork.
Me and Jim may go into book writing in the future as Jim is expecting to be made redundant pretty soon so we need things to work on together.
The scissor case is great and I love the design of the needle case which would be brilliant for craft fayres and little presents for others.

Alot of freinds and family have the flu epidemic including Jims parents so I hope they get better soon.
Atlast!!!! the pictures have been sorted out to display on the wonderful presents from Pam.
Well it wont be long til santa pays a visit then its christmas!! I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and dont get too tired out. Have fun everyone.

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