Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I have been mega busy wrapping up presents and getting those last minute things. I have just been round to one of the neighbours who's always giving things to Scratch and Alice. The couple are really nice with some grown up sons and a lovely yappy white Scottish terrier called Hamish.

Hamish almost didn't get his present, some dried pigs ears as while I went upstairs to get the card Tam, my partner's Akita already whipped the present off the table and just about to eat into it.

So Santa will have to be warned not to put presents on the floor, otherwise they ll just vanish and get chewed up to bits... good job I didn't go out for a few hours.

The last few days have been very busy indeed. We received a wonderful parcel from Pam(mammasparks) and wow what wonderful presents to receive, a lovely surprise.

The first present was a lovely book, illustrations and alphabets of things around Michigan.

The second present was a box full of wonderful quiltamania goodies, little bits of yummy chocolates, soft cotton quilting material, lots of cotton reels from Liz (thank you Liz).

I loved the scissor case, and the needle case as believe it or not I have always wanted one of these but just never got round to making them. The pins and needle are great just what I needed, the mini iron for applique, this will be super once I get a transformer for the plug. I'm absolutely thrilled about this as when I went to the autumn quilt show all the stalls said that the company in the UK have stopped selling them for some strange reason and just cannot get hold of them anywhere. So Pam....... thankyou thankyou xxxxxxxx.

I will post some pictures of everything once the images can download properly as I have been having a lot of problems..... so doctor fix it will have to sort this out (Jim) when he comes home from work.

Meanwhile Jim has been getting excited about reports of UFO sightings around Birmingham where sightings have been reported over the last few days of bubbles in the sky with multicoloured lights where the police helicopter almost crashed into one. I'm a little dubious about these things but its all interesting to read about. U do believe in ghosts as I have seen a few when I was younger, all interesting stuff .

As you can imagine I have not had time to do any quilting but I have been thinking towards exciting fabrics towards my coats. My sister has sent me some money which will go towards some fabric dyes, I will have to order these after Christmas but I'm very excited about this.

Id like to do a batik rainbow one and a green one mixed with turquoises so we will have to wait and see. There has been great plans and ideas going round and round like a roundabout in my mind. I will post some more pictures of Pam's wonderful presents that shes sent me once I can get the other pictures downloaded.

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