Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Womble Park

Last weekend me and Jim managed to get out to Leicester town to do a bit of Christmas shopping. It was fun... Jim showed me the womble park for the kids in front of the Leicester town hall I thought this was so sweet would make a lovely painted picture for a child. There was also the trains. I used my new wheelchair this is only temporary until I get my leg strong enough for walking the long distances between shops. I christened the wheelchair Taz as it was the only name Jim agreed with. Ive not been able to do any sewing or painting this week due to the relapse still playing up. I have had all my steroids but sometimes it takes weeks and weeks for everything to work. My leg is still numb and from time to time get bad headaches which is the inflamation from the head down to the spinal chord. Im still looking round everyones blogs at all the exciting quilts on the go and such yummy material. Were sorting out the living room to have either a christmas tree or an altar with lovely stones and christmassy things. Who knows eh I will keep you all posted.


Chris said...

What a wonderful display! Wishing you a speedy return to better health. Merry Christmas.

Julia said...

I think I'll have to borrow a friend's child for the day so that I can go too - it looks great!!

Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

Have a good Christmas:0)