Saturday, 6 December 2008


Im home again after spending five days in hospital last week after a nasty relapse with my MS.

Mt left leg, tummy and bum just went number each day until it got to a point where I could not get up the stairs as the whole leg just refused to respond what I wanted it to do. So,,,, in hospital I went for treatment of five lots of steroids. I felt totally frustrated but all I can do is take each step as time. Parts of my leg is still numb but I still feel exhausted and weak and can only do little bits of walking then rest. Yesterday I felt inspired to get my paintbrushes out again to have a go at some watercolours and here what I came up with. I made my mum and dad a card for christmas I have yet to send it as Id run out of stamps grrrr. I painted Scratch and Alice in watercolour.


mamaspark said...

I'm glad that you are home and I hope the MS stays in the background for awhile. These watercolors are just beautiful!!

Julia said...

ssorry to hear about your troubles Faith - let's hope you'll be feeling OK for Christmas. Your watercolours are fabulous - you are very talented. The colours are lovely. Take care:0)