Saturday, 3 January 2009


Thoughts around the New Year.

While reading through everyone else’s blogs and reading my latest quilting magazines, I have been giving a lot of thought to all my quilting projects and artistic ones too and thought wow, I have got quite a list to do. Some put to the side and unfinished because ive simply got fed up of them, or another exciting idea wedged itself into my mind where at that moment I have to get on with it.
For this new year of 2009, I really want to make and complete a quilted garment to wear and have a go at some journal quilts experimenting. I wonder if I ever get lucky enough to own a Bernina quilting machine and design quilts on the net but Id have to win the lottery first hee hee. Well You never just know.
I have included some dyed fabrics in the photo here. I had been experimenting with omega dyes the microwave and salt. Not bad for my first attempt I would of liked them to be a bit wilder but I have to figure out how to do that. These greeny fabrics will go towards my coat idea. I have been handpainting on some fabric that I found at a car boot sale last year in the summer with dancing folk men here and there.
I thought the fabric looked a bit boring on its own so bought out my shimmery fabric paint by a company called Dylon. I have always been fascinated with fabrics and textiles and did go on a course a couple of years ago in my twenties studying surface pattern design before I got unfornately hit by a car when I was twentyone.
The fault was the driver who was driving too fast and me….. I had a dufflecoat at the time with a really big hood which made it difficult to look sideways. These are dangerous and I cringe when ever I see people and youngsters with big…. hoods.
My heart so wants to tell them be careful and put the shivers up my spine.
So today just before my fella comes home from work I will fix the shimmery fabric with the iron so that it doesn’t wash out while being handwashed.
The quilting magazines have done some interesting bits about journal quilts I would love to start one of these too experimenting with bits and pieces and going wild with ideas and things I never thought of before.


mamaspark said...

I likr the hand dyed fabrics! You know you could probably make some money selling them! Maybe put towards that Bernina or the EQ program for quilt design!!

MYRA said...

You will eventually get your Bernina, I'm sure of it! 8-)
I earned my Pfaff in 2008. I had to complete a bunch of my UFOs in order to deserve it. My self imposed requirements... I completed 6 projects and got Pfaffy in the end of May. Since getting Pfaffy I have completed many new projects, and more of my UFOs. 8-)