Monday, 5 January 2009

Start Of The Hexagons

In the night it snowed and everywhere freezing cold, the temperatures have just plummetted.

I managed to take the dogs out placing on my rainbow hat and rainbow gloves that my mum had given to me for Christmas. Me and the dogs looked quite a site as the dogs have rainbow dog leads as well. I should have rainbow wellies.....maybe I should write to the Hunter Wellies factory to the director and demand hunter wellies in rainbow colours, this would make people feel so much better. Wear a rainbow.... feel the brightness and happiness!!

The pavements and roads were slippy and icy which changed my mind about going into town for a wander round the charity shops. Instead I'm working on these hexagons which you can see in the picture. I have loads and loads of these to make with the paper and the tacking, so good therapy on cold days like this.

Thank you Pam and Myra for your ideas about handpainting some fat quarters and putting them on eBay... what a good idea. While I was suggesting this idea to Jim in the kitchen last night a white flash of light appeared by the door, about three flashes..... at first I thought Rachel DD,had left the door open and that the light bulb was going crazy, but no something different.

This has got to be a sign I thought to go along with... painting fabrics for a new dream Bernina.

I had thought about blocks too... done in an artistic way with fabrics and paint that could perhaps be used in others quilts who purchase them. Perhaps those who just have not got the time for the artistic ways of blocks and hand painted fat quarters. I'm certainly thinking while I'm tacking all round my hexagons. Theres another area I would like to experiment with which is applique.

Traditional and Modern applique is certainly what I would like to have a go at. Can a normal boring sewing machine do zigzag round the edges of applique. I wonder if Zola would do this for me? (that is the name of my sewing machine by the way).

I hope everyone else don't get too cold... I will have to find my wheat bag and heat it up to warm my feet.


mamaspark said...

These are beautiful! I really think you should sell some of your hand painted and hand dyed stuff on ebay!

Chris said...

I love your colors!!! I can't wait to see how this looks when complete.