Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Wish List

The Wish List?

Jim my partner and myself managed to grab some time for ourselves to discuss about music, equipment needed and what we need to do. We had a bit of a setback which was really sad when our sound engineer left and could not longer work with us which was really frustrating. The sound engineer lived in the studio of this house and did do some marvellous work but these things happen. So…. Theres just me and Jim.
The guitarist, Jim of course and myself the deaf rock singer/songwriter.
As the sound engineer took all his own equipment away which left the studio quite bare it was decided that we need to get our own recording deck and other musical instruments such a synthesizers, electric piano and electric drum kit maybe?
This is going to take a lot of saving up and asking round different companies and big named people for help and support sponsors maybe?
There is a deaf rock band in America and there are deaf singers and musicians there too but I have not yet come across any UK deaf performers which is exciting and interesting.
So things to raise money I will be doing quilts and painted fabrics, paint pictures on canvas of rock stars such as Jimmi Hendrix, other stars,,, if anyone has any postcards of bands rock stars even sport stars or your loved one to be done in impressionistic way in acrylics… do let me know all help greatly appreciated. I can use postcards, small pictures to put on my projector which then enlarges this onto the huge canvas to draw and paint on which is brilliant. When I have done a couple of canvases I hope to put them on eBay for sale along with some hand painted fabrics.
The weather is minus twelve at the moment which is pretty cold, Scratch and Alice managed to grab me out into the cold to walk round the field, just to bark up some trees at some invisible squirrels, so this was more fun to do than have a run round the field?. I could not wait to get back home and catch up on everyone’s blogs.
I keep doing a bit of sewing then tidying up to keep warm, yes my hexagons are growing very slowly but its exciting. I went round all the charity shops yesterday to see if they had anything my size to play around with and they didn’t. My mum gave me an idea to use old sheets to get a pattern off an old coat and alter it to the size to fit you. What a great idea, why didn’t I think of this idea before?
I hope everyone manage to get in the quilting spirit despite getting cold at the moment.

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