Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hexagons and Rock Thoughts

Hexagons and Rock in Thought

Yes its been really cold here too, so much so that I had to stay in as the cold was making my legs and muscles go really tight not letting me stretch them to walk comfortably so Ive been staying in, getting on with those hexagons. I thought I would show you my sewing chair along with the handmade cushions I did while back…..
Notice Ive got a little picture there of Jimmi Hendrix there. I need to paint some pictures. Ive got my art projector back which is great for helping trace the outlines, this would help me with my painting and of course outlines on material in the future for exciting wacky psychedelic quilts that just whip your breath away. I have been keeping my eye on the pattern books to see what there is for big girls like me.
The drugs of steroids to fight back my multiple sclerosis has put on loads of weight and Christmas!!!! Just what do you do when you have loads, boxes of chocolates….and yummy Christmas food? Say no more hee hee.
My mum told me that the length across the fabric roll has to be forty five inches at least so I have been working like a mad one, drawing round hexagons on paper and fabric. A few days ago when the weather was not as cold as this……I called into some charity shops to get some books about stencils, as they often have great stencil cards already cut out inside them which are great for stencilling on fabric with fabric paint. I had a little go with these tiny triangles which remind me of Egyptians triangles and one of my favourite artists Gustav Klimt. I realised I had to stencil a bit at a time, so Ive stencilled a bit here, and will do a bit more in other areas after they have dried. After that, they will get fixed with the iron and cut into hexagon shapes towards the coat. My partner Jim has been working overtime to get things together what he needs so Ive just been drawing round hexagon after hexagon. You need a lot of patience and I can see why so many budding quilters just give up after doing and making about the thirtieth hexagon. Patience is something I have always been weak at so its good training and therapy for me….. but just think when you create something, you have made it which is unique different and original and nothing is a greater feeling than that. All yours what you have created. I cringe when others,,, non appreciated of arts and crafts say… well you can buy that from the shop perhaps at one fith of the price of that, factory garbage and perhaps something that one poor little soul been made to do getting paid as just 1p or 5p an hour in places such as India or Pakistan. Just all you keep stitching painting and making those wonderful quilts, being creative and quilt making is an addictive drug and a lot just don’t understand that.

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MYRA said...

Hey how are your Hexagons going now? I was working on mine last week...