Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tiny Stitches and More Fabric

Town Adventure

Yes I did get to town to look for my multicoloured thread and its amazing how you go for one specific item you come back with something else. I looked round the charity shops to see if I could find anything green one hundred percent cotton but didn’t find anything there. I was amazed to find that most of the charity shops I usually go to had shut down or just about to close. Theres a lovely store called Fenwicks whom Jim pulls faces at, as it the Leicester version of Harrods but I love this store because they have a lovely material stall amongst the furniture section and carpets. Its peaceful and quiet there with lovely staff, row upon rows of dressmaking material and a tiny section of patchwork material. Aha there I got a few half a metres of greens ohhh naughty me I deserve a slap on my wrist for that…. Some cotton velvet material to make a lovely black long coat… One stage coat I shall call it, as I don’t have a posh coat for when going out or to tag along with Jim when hes doing a musical performance somewhere. I was going to make this coat myself but after talking to mum on the phone decided it would be best for someone professional to make this up for me. The material is very heavy and my sewing machine only likes light cotton things so…. Its saving up time once again, commissions and paintings.
A couple of shops down from Fenwicks I felt pulled to this charity shop called The Oxfam they were advertising for some staff so I asked for an application form to volunteer myself one morning or one afternoon a week. Who knows eh?
I have shown a picture of the tiny back stitches in multicoloured thread which I found so relaxing to do. This reminded me of all the lovely textiles from other countries on display at the museums, folk art with gorgeous tiny intricate stitches all done by hand.
Jim has started practising on his guitar again after I made some enquiries at a pub who wanted live musicians. So out came that guitar and me stitches away to the sounds of Elvis Presley songs and other good singalongs, I love nights like that.


Chris said...

Faith I love the painted fabric you created and the tiny stitches to embellish it look lovely

mamaspark said...

The greens are beautiful!!