Monday, 26 January 2009

Once Upon A Time

Im really tired today... me and Jim went to the hospital to see the specialist about my Multiple Sclerosis. The specialist said again there is nothing anyone can do to make the MS go away only start me on a course of injections in two months time to slow down the relapses so instead of having about three to four cut them down to hopefully two a year. We had to quickly go food shopping then come home, climb up in the attic and look for some photos when I was younger.

The first photos was when I was about twelve or thirteen... with my nephew Jonathan borrowing the top half of my pyjamas and Katy my niece borrowing the bottom half of my pyjamas. This must of been about 1981 to 1982 I cant remember much but I thought it would be fun to post a picture when I was younger. I was so slender and slim til I got to 15 Urgh!! and look at me now!!

I felt so sorry for some gypsy horses when we put the shopping in the car,,, I went and bought three bags of carrots and dragged poor Jim to the field by the side of the motorway with chained up horses belonging to the gypsies. All the horses were okay but I hate seeing them tethered.

We wanted to brighten their day by giving them a couple of carrots each and they enjoyed that.

The only sewing I got done was just a tiny bit of stitching on the item youve seen on the last blog.

The last photo is me (auntie faith) borrowing the nephews BMX bike when they were so in fashion in the eighties... awww look at my little nephew in those yellow wellies. Not long after this I fell off the bike needing lots of plasters and Ill tell you one thing I never rode a bike again until about six years ago when I moved over to Germany. I have never been good with bikes.

These photos have also been posted on facebook so my niece and nephew will kill their Aunty Faith hee hee.

I hope everyone else is having stitching fun and not too tired at the moment just like me and Jimxx


mamaspark said...

You look so happy and carefree on that bike!! I still like to ride bikes. I hope things get better with your MS too.

Faith said...

It was lovely freedom without men and heartbreak without the worries of money as your mum and dad looked after you if they could. I just dreamt of ponies and owning one at that age and being a proud owner of rubber riding boots.

MYRA said...

Youthful photos of our lives in the past... Gotta love'em!!! 8-)
Poor tethered horses... 8-(
Great fabric haul! It is very hard to go into a fabric/quilt shop and not come out with some...even if you weren't planning on it!!! 8-)
Stitchings in your past post look great!
I too hope that your MS symptoms ease up some for you...
Happy stitchings!