Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Old Raggy Back Quilts

I wanted to show this photo as its one of my favourites showing Scratch on one of my first raggy quilt that I made years ago. It was a log cabin and I had such fun playing around with this even though the squares were not straight and I didn't know you had to work round a small piece of square muslin to get this right. I don't know where that raggy quilt is at the moment maybe up in the attic but it was starting to show wear and tear after being heavily used over the years by humans and dogs and yes even birds as at the time I made that quilt I had two Lovebirds and a Cockatiel.

Now, I just have my lovely dogs and a cat called Isis who bossed me around today, for me to shop for her cat food packets of Felix. Tomorrow I really must work on my commissions I don't like doing this very much as the hand quilting on two mega King sized quilts is very heavy work and that I have to do a bit as a time. So its quilt a bit then rest a bit and then some more.

I hope everyone else is having quilting fun still despite the weather forecasts showing all bad snow on the news in the United States.

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MYRA said...

Hi Faith,
Is that dog of your's a greyhound? Interesting coloring! 8-)
Everyone needs a well loved quilt around...
Good luck with all the hand-quilting you need to get done!