Sunday, 1 February 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

Hi There
This picture is of Ginger I miss him so much.... he is ok still alive and have a one to one with one owner which Im pleased about how horse ownership should be.

The snow has reached its way over here and sprinkled itself on the ground outside.

Scratch and Alice was excited and skipped around on the thin covered ground while I took slow careful steps like an old granny, I know how much a bang on the ground can hurt and I have fallen many times in the past.... where my bum is flat on the ground melting the snow and the dogs carrying on as if normal sniffing the snow and having fun just like dogs do.

Thankfully we all got home in one piece after the walk in the snow, I was glad to get in, noticing how much colder everything seems. On the sewing side of things I have only managed to do a couple of back stitches on the green rag of Celtic stencil. Ive got a new book to read now called Fried Green Tomatoes which looks really good, I know its a film but I thought it would be better to read the book as when you are deaf you don't catch everything what is being said and not everything is subtitled. I'm just on the fourth page now.

Also I have found out that the horse I totally fell in love with and bought just before my marriage fell apart is doing OK. I heard on the grapevine from other horsey owners in Germany that Ginger is still alive and doing OK where he is owned by one lady and gets spoilt and lots of love. I'm pleased about that though I am very sad that I couldn't get to be the owner for another five years with him, and get to bond with him. Why these things happen with all the pain and heartbreak with animals, horses and dogs I don't know. I can move on with my life now knowing that Ginger is OK.

I hope everyone is having quilting fun, Jim has put one of my paintings up on the easel waiting to be finished off gosh I have so many of these unfinished paintings and quilts to get on with it is doing my head in.

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