Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Painted Sunflowers Finished

One Finished Project, the Sunflowers.

Well I needed to finish these flowers so that is one UFO done. When ever Jim sees that three letter word saying UFO he thinks I'm writing about space-ships.
No Jim, it’s the blog term for Unfinished Objects I think… I cringe at that word as I have so many of these damn UFOs to do which I do think will take me the rest of the year, but at least I can tick this one off.
These are sunflowers painted in acrylics on specialised paper, I started this last year and had to put it away as I had an artists block where I just could not concentrate on anything. With MS you do get that from time to time when the passion to do something just falters away.
We still have a lot of bad ice and snow in this area, Jim told me not to venture outdoors as its just too dangerous, Alice and Scratch did fall this morning on the ice so when ever I open the door for them, they just turn round and bolt back indoors.
Ive got to paint Jimmi Hendrix now money is very short at the moment so I said Id have a go at painting stars, hold your breath everyone Ive not painted people before.
I hope everyone is having quilting and creative fun and not too stuck with the ice and the snow. I hope the sunflowers have made you all smile.


Little Mysteries said...

They are gorgeous! Love the colour and texture.

MYRA said...

I love sunflowers! 8-)

UFO - Unfinished Objects - Yes

Here is a couple of other ones for you! 8-)

WISP - Work in Progress
PHD - Projects Half Done

Happy crafting!

Gina E. said...

Hi Faith,
I have just found your comment on my blog about my embroidered aprons - sorry I haven't got back to you earlier. I've had a good look through your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. You are one talented lady - painting, patchwork, embroidery...and an Elvis fan to boot :-)
My husband knows very well what UFOs are - he HATES the cupboard in our spare room that doubles as my craft room. PHD is a good one, Myra - haven't heard that one before! I also have a lot of SINS (Stuff I'll Never Stitch).
Gina in Oz