Thursday, 12 February 2009

In The Pink

Hey when you're feeling the blues and want a lift then GET IN THE PINK with Pam's BOM from
. I have no idea how you make these fancy highlights where you press on the word and it sends you right to the link of that name. I have sent the outline drawing to my Jim at work so that he can print it on the printer at work as ours has run out of ink and gone to sleep for a bit.

I'm still working on the hexagon-mania coat. Over the last few days I had been busy filling in forms and going to see various people at so many different appointments, so thats why nutbudquilter has been a little quiet. I have thought about you all, when I went to bed my mind was quilting and planning things but I was just too tired to physically do these tasks.

I have borrowed some fabulous quilting books from the library to try and polish up my quilting skills.

The first book I pulled from the shelf is the Kaffe Fasset's Quilts In The Sun. This book is great with easy patterns to follow traditionally used so many times before. I cant afford to buy the Kaffe Fasset fabrics so my own combination from scraps would be used. Lady Of The Lake got my attention big time as I so love the block.

The second book is called Applique by Lucinda Ganderton. Some of the little techniques reassured me that I was on the right path on my applique ideas, I love the method of hand stitching round the shapes in folk art style either just a simple running stitch or cross-stitch round the edge.

I might apply some of this on Pam's BOM pink house. Though this book is a nice book to look at I would not spend alot of money on this book as some of the projects didn't exactly pull me.

The third book is fantastic now one day I'm going to buy this book....Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters by Barbara Chainey. This is an excellent book which is right up my street, as I'm so green with quilting, plus using the sewing machine this gives me lessons step by step in cutting from the fat quarter without wasting so much material. The bits cut out from that fat quarter go into easy blocks. I would recommend this book to anyone, show your red knickers on Valentines day to your lover and you just might get this book bought for you.

"Oh Mummy! stop being cheeky!" with a withering glance from Scratch, I know but you have to do these things from time to time if you want fat quarters or books lol. I think my Jim is colour blind or needs new glasses as I'm still waiting for my rainbow fat quarters.

I have applied to voluntary work part time at the Oxfam Charity Shop in Leicester town.

There might be rag bags of 100 per cent cotton I might be able to purchase towards my multitude of quilt ideas.

I did feel numb over the last couple of days about the terrible events in Australia about the fires.

My prayers and thoughts are with the people who have lost loved one and lost their homes, and ohhh the poor animals the wildlife, pets and horses. When I read reports about burnt out carcasses of horses and animals on the roads I just cried. I did say to god and my angels I so do hope they didn't feel too much pain and able to go quickly. I know some were very lucky the very few, when I watched the sky news who were there amongst the tents with their little pony and some with dogs. I will be paying a visit to the red cross charity shop in Leicester to donate something next week. I hope everyone is still having quilting fun and not feeling the cold too much.



mamaspark said...

Thanks Faith! I can't wait to see what you come up with! If you want to do the highlight thing, when you are in the "create a new post" part at the top (in the same row as where you click to add photos) is a little icon that looks like a world with a chain link around it. If you highlight in your text then click on the linked world it opens up a window that you can type the web address into. When you hit return it will make whatever you highlighted linked to the web address you typed in. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.

I love Lady of the Lake too.

MYRA said...

Ooooo... Library books! We moved back into the city over a year ago, and the first thing I was going to do was get a library card and take out books...?...still haven't done so!!! 8-(
I sent you an email explaining how to put a link in your posts... 8-)
Tis a very devastating situation in Australia...I think the world morns for them all...
Back to my stitchings now...
Happy stitchings to you!

Little Mysteries said...

Pams BOM looks great. Cant wait to see how it turns out. I love getting quilting books out of the library. Its always an adventure to see what they have, and how good a book it is.
The bushfires have been terrible. Australians are devastated. I have heard reports that injured wild life are being picked up,nursed and looked after. We are all praying for rain and the rest of the fires to go out.