Sunday, 15 February 2009

First BOM

Finally I have done my very first Block Of The Month. This did have a bit of a shaky start as some how I got some muck on the iron, I don't know how that happened but this taught me always to use another cloth in between so that it doesn't happen again.

I hand washed the block... making sure that everything was hand stitched first so that nothing comes away. I found that the colours ran but I thought never mind this gives the block it's character. The iron also had a good cleaning.

I put hearts round this for Valentines day, after rummaging through my scrap bag. I'm quite please with the hand stitching as this gives it a folk art impression which I love.

Ive done the third row of hexagons towards my magical coat, so I'm pleased about that.

Today I'm hoping to get on with the second Block Of The Month from

Do take part in this, as its alot of fun and I'm sure every one's block will come out different due to one's personal style.


mamaspark said...

Faith, your block is just fabulous!! Do you mind if I post it on my blog so others can see and get inspired to join in the fun? You should grab the button from my blog that has the houses on it and put it on your blog so anyone coming here will see you are playing along too. Just email me if you don't know hot to do it and I will help you. (I tried your link and it worked just fine so good job!)

Faith said...

I dont mind at all,,,,, the more that take part in this fun project the better. I will have a go putting the blogs on my blog :o)

MYRA said...

Fun stuff there Faith! Good for you! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

MYRA said...

PS: glad you figured out how to link to another blog... 8-)

Little Mysteries said...

I love your block. The fact that the colour has run, has just added to the charm. It looks great!