Monday, 23 February 2009

Aladdin Trousers and Little Treasures

I'm delighted the two new BOM has come through. Jim managed to take me to Loughborough to get some more inks for the computer and to get some more material for patchwork. This time I got material from the charity shop which I thought was reasonable at two pounds a garment. The money is going to the cancer hospice called LOROS, and theres much more material than a simple fat quarter. Most are greens to go into my magic coat and other colours for other projects such as different pinks to try in the BOM and there is a Japanese hexagon bag that I would like to have a go at. The pattern sheet says use iron on wadding but I'm wondering if I could get away with using just ordinary wadding. The sun shone glorious today but it was still cold, poor Jim had to push the wheelchair with my lump seated in it ME! hee hee. On the way back to the car park the wheelchair broke… ohhh noooo!! I heard this bang and clacking and said to Jim just what is that noise?
“Don’t worry” says Jim you wont fall out of the chair. Long distances to walk upset my legs a bit with burning pains triggering off strange tremors which is why sometimes I have to use the chair. So the chair will have to go back to the company that made this. I have enough material to keep me busy for the next month so I don’t need to worry about wheelchairs, trips out for a while. Maybe when Ive rested over the next couple of days the shake rattle and roll will stop. But… I'm not staying in totally…. While Jim is not at work til Monday there is an indoor car boot sale in town
that I would love to have a look round as there just might be more material and something to do with sewing? Fingers crossed eh.
My mum was unable to come due to ill health but she said she will come later on in the year. I'm hoping by then the weather will be warmer and that some quilts will be finished and the garden looking nicer.

On the Sunday I managed to get to the car boot sale in Leicester town which was held in this horrible grotty little hall, this was a disappointment as it was really small but I did find one tiny little treasure......this little gardening book which will give me lots of ideas as the illustration inside are really pretty. From the Saturday I managed to get some more fabrics as you can see, also as theres a mixed culture of all colours and walks of people in Leicester I found myself some Aladdin Trousers, perfect for just strolling round the house in to be comfortable. One pair is a lovely cotton green and the other pair royal blue velvet making me feel very bohemian indeed.
Theres just some elastic or ribbon to put in the top of these trousers. Alot of the Asian women hand make these with lovely tops to go with them. If I can just squeeze some dressmaking time through the next couple of weeks I may just have a go at making tops to match these.
I'm getting a bit braver with the injections, Jim is getting a better night nurse now calming me down after he grins with that damn injection and golly they hurt.
The injections have to be injected once a day in different areas depending which area is on the rota. Tummy Monday, left tummy Tues, right leg wed, so you can imagine somewhere gets that prick ouch!!. They happen at night now and straight after the injection the ice pack is used which is great.
I hope everyone is having quilting fun and managing to find time to relax and having fun with Pam’s (mammasparks) BOM with these wonderful whimsical houses.
So come on….. what are you waiting for, get tracing round those houses and have fun fun fun.


mamaspark said...

Pretty fabrics, Faith. I can't wait to see what you come up with on the 2 new houses.

Chris said...

Hi Faith, those fabrics look so lovely together. what a nice find for 2 pounds. I hope you are feeling better soon. It is a shame about your wheelchair.