Sunday, 1 March 2009

Knit A Row... Pearl A Row

Knit A Row….. Pearl A Row……

Last week I noticed that the posh John Lewis stores were giving knitting lessons.
I noticed there was a one hour slot for the absolute beginners so took myself along for something to do. There were three other ladies there, we were taught how to cast on with one needle and the left thumb. As I could knit a row pearl a row the teacher came along and showed me how to increase stitches on a pearl a row… pearl two stitches then the third stitch you sort of pick up. Well I really had problems here just could not get this technique. I could see that the teacher was getting exasperated with me so she asked me to come back on Wednesday morning and have a one to one session to practice this technique over and over again. I had to say to myself this morning why I'm I wanting to learn to knit….. so that I can knit with my favourite rainbow balls of wool like this Noro Silk you see here….also my Idol of the sewing and knitting world Kaffe Fassett knits too and for years I have looked at his books and thought I so want to knit these items. So who knows fingers crossed after months and months of practising I may be able to do this. Last Friday I had a an interview to work in a charity shop but the manager wants another referee to make sure I'm not the type to rob a bank. Also he mentioned about some contract I would have to sign if I did work there to say that I would not sell anything even my own craft work or paintings which I was not keen on I'm signing no papers. Thinking things over at the weekend I thought to myself I have enough projects on the go…. The Multiple Sclerosis society on a Tuesday and now knitting on a Wednesday, so I'm better to sticking to that routine anyway. I hope everyone is able to have quilting fun though last week I have been so busy with other appointments.


MYRA said...

Lovely yarn photoed there! 8-)
So how did your Wednesday instruction go? Any better?

Anonymous said...

Just keep practising and sooner or later you'll get the hang of it! That gorgeous yarn is a good motivation :)Print a pic of that to take along to the knitting class:)
My mum was an excellent knitter and I still regret that I never bothered to learn all of her tricks of the trade..