Monday, 16 March 2009

How Many Hours?

First of all Id like to apologise for not writing much about my quilting over the last couple of days.

I had been very busy writing letters but not in the normal way with using the printer or normal pad of paper with ballpoint pen. I got out my best writing paper and Calligraphy pen to write a very special letter. I didn't write to the queen though looking at the writing you would of thought I was writing to the King or Queen. Instead I wrote a very neat letter to Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Airways, Virgin Coca Cola and any other word with Virgin at the front of it.

I wrote asking for help with our band for much needed musical equipment and recording decks asking if he would support and help a deaf rock singer, for our Faith and Karma band to go out and perform good happy music for everyone else to feel good and happy. I will certainly let you know if we hear anything fingers crossed.

In the evening while Ive been tired Ive been unwinding doing some more knitting which has been fun. Just a simple scarf, knitting seven rows the knitting a side, pearl a side for another seven rows.

On the quilting front I have cleared my sunny studio up downstairs ready to tackle my mammoth piles of quilts waiting to be hand quilted. I'm looking forward to hand quilting now, now that Ive had a break for a few days.

Can anyone please tell me how many hours a day did the traditional hand quilters spend hand quilting their quilts? I would love to know. I just love the traditional Durham quilts where the wholecloth front of the quilt is just one colour and beautifully hand quilted. I also love the Welsh Quilts similar to Amish Quilts.

Thankfully the weather is warmer and whooopeeee my seeds are growing on the windowsill.

I planted some pepper seeds, chilli and one or two pumpkin seeds. yes I talk to them every morning and thank them for growing that little bit more.

I hope everyone else is having quilting fun and getting on with their wonderful quilting with out too much interuption of daily chores.

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MYRA said...

I wish you much luck with your endeavor on the music front...

Fun to watch our seedling babies grow... I haven't had a garden in years now... lol...

Enjoy your quilting! 8-)