Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Belated St Patrick's

Also included in the fourth block for the houses BOM. The daffodils in my garden inspired me to include some in this block and I deliberately used bright coloured thread to stitch to show a folk art style effect for the block. I really enjoyed doing these blocks. They took me all afternoon and evening to do but it was an absolute pleasure and can't wait to do more.

Two things made me smile today, the lovely warm spring weather as me and the girls went for a walk on the field and completing my third Mammasparks houses BOM. Yesterday was St Patrick's day and as I was so busy I had forgotten about it until I got into town to meet Jim in choosing a second hand sofa for the living room. We went to a charity shop and chose some nice large s sat tees for the living room. With having four dogs it seemed a silly idea to buy a brand new one so we called into some charity shops and found the one we wanted. The new sofa will arrive at the weekend and I must say I am looking forward to this as it will be nice to have somewhere to lie down, rest and stitch when need be, especially when my Ms plays up from time to time.

There were lots of St Patrick's Day celebration in almost every pub in the town centre, lots of drinkers in fancy dress having fun and one dressed as Elvis Presley which made us laugh in all the gear and guitar playing on the street. My excuse for going in the pubs was to use the loo but we saved our St Patrick's special drinking for when we got home sampling our home made wine and whoooo what a scorcher!! It was lovely stuff made with ribena berries and fruit juice.

As I had the whole afternoon to myself with the St Patrick's day celebration in mind.

I decided to have a go at one of the house blocks. One pattern reminds me of the Irish croft cottages so decided to have a play around with some applique and have fun. The leaves were sewn down using back stitch with dmc embroidery silk in a lovely green.

The pink in the middle came from a top I bought in a charity shop with the gorgeous stitching and sequins to use for something for the house blocks. This time to stitch round the applique house I used multicoloured embroidery threads which worked a treat.

I have done another house block but I will show you that one tomorrow when I have stitched everything down and feel happy with it.

With the new sofa coming at the weekend I will be making some throws on the theme of red so I will be collecting red shirts and red material what ever I can get hold of from the rag market, these things excite me.

I hope everyone is still having quilting fun and not with too much of a sore head today.

Happy quiltingxx


mamaspark said...

It turned out so cute!! I love the shamrocks!!

human being said...

a dreamlike house!

for a moment i had this feeling that if i were in this artwork, i would have no other wish...
so magical...

Lynn said...

I like these little me ideas for a piece I am imagining from my old neighborhood. have tried top sewing a row of houses, but it's not what I wanted. Piecing this way may be better yet. We shall see. Thanks for coming by my blog this week too. ;-)

mamaspark said...

The newest one is so cute. I can't wait until your neighborhood is finished.