Thursday, 19 March 2009

To Market To Market

Hi Everyone, its definetely quilta-mania here. Ive been handquilting the orange quilt which I call the Tango quilt with it being orange. With the new sofa coming at the weekend I have also been getting some material to start making the throws and Im so excited like a kid on Christmas morning. I have seen a quilt in a quilting magazine that I would love to have a go at.

Its a patriotic quilt with red blue white and tan. Jim loves the western especially about Wild West Bill and he fancies the patriotic quilt idea too. Well I have never followed a pattern from a book before so wish me luck, all my other projects have been my own ideas or Pam's lovely house BOM, Im not an experienced quilter but I give things a go lol.

So while all the lovely red blue and tan fabrics get a gentle wash Ill be busy handquilting some more on Tango which is a charity quilt towards the PDSA for animals.

This afternoon I went to the market to see what I could find for the new quilt idea. I got a couple of shirts and some metres of lovely cotton suitable for quilting, Also I discovered some beautiful batik towards my magic quilt so theres definetely magic with all these fabrics around.

Jim managed to take a picture of me what Im working on. I dont like having my photo taken at least Im covering my double chin, hee hee.

I hope everyone is having quilting fun and getting loads of inspiration, Im so grateful for all you quilting on here giving me inspiration and excitement on the world of quilting helping to create quilt magic. Id be so lost without my blog freinds and writing my blog.



MYRA said...

You are on a roll girl! Good for you!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

MYRA said...

PS: Love your wonky houses! 8-)

Jude said...

Arrived here by Jenny, love your quilts, I shall be watching your progress closely.
Take care

Jenny said...

Love your quilts Faith, have you ever managed to get to the Fabric Guild in Leicester? Quilt fabrics £2 a yard!