Friday, 27 March 2009

The Quilting Madwoman (ME!)

Over the last couple of days I have been working really hard on one of my UFOS towards the Scratch PDSA quilt. PDSA means Pets Dispensary Society for Animals. The Charity helped such a lot by helping with Scratch who unfortunately had to have her leg amputated. Mary who is another fabulous quilt blogger donated this orange and white quilt top to be worked on and to raise money so I hope this gets the thumbs up. I still have a lot of hand quilting to do. Round the border Im hoping to stencil Scratch's pawprint to be hand quilted with orange variegated thread to make it slightly different from the middle.

Scratch has been putting her input into the project by laying right next to me on the sattee while I hand quilt. Each day I have been building up the strength in my fingers to quilt in and out of the layers, for the first few days I could only manage one stitch as a time but when the needle reached the easy middles bits it was so much easier to hand quilt about three stitches in one go.

At the moment Im catching up on my sleep and rest then back on the handquilting again.

How has the weather been where you are?

here its windy and cold, with bags and rubbish flying maddly across streets and alleyways. Im just so glad to be indoors quilting.


mamaspark said...

It is turning out so nicely!! Great job!

MYRA said...

The quilt is looking good! I love your idea of paw prints in the boarder! 8-)
Did you draw you quilting pattern on? Do you use a hoop?
Happy stitchings!

Chris said...

Faith, This quilt is beautiful. I bet it will raise a lot of money.