Friday, 10 April 2009

Hope Everyone Has A Nice Easter

I know I have not posted for a while I have been really busy, at the moment baking cakes and back to my old hobby of comping (entering competitions and prizedraws).

I got a lovely surprise a few days ago when the postman came with a large parcel of Zweigart cloths to cross stitch. I had forgotten I had entered a prize draw months ago on one of the websites called The World Of Cross Stitching. My Jim is working all weekend and bank holiday monday which means I will be spending a lot of time stitching. Im hoping to get a little surprise done in the next few days, I will show my results after Easter Sunday hee hee.

Last week I planted loads of sweetpeas while the weather was fine. At the moment the weather is throwing it down outside, Im glad I hadnt booked to go anywhere. I have been looking round all the wonderful blogs and getting ideas. I have posted a picture of a sweet pea which I found on image search as I hadnt got any recent pictures to put on. I hoping to get lots of quilting themed things done in the next couple of days. Meanwhile have easter fun and hope the weather stays nice.
I have put some pictures of a tudor ghost which was in that papers last week and made me want to tell you all about it. If you look at something in the background higher up in a window, this shows a convincing picture of a ghost..... in tudor costume, the red is a womans face, she has a parting in the middle of her hair and if you look at the clothing you will see tudor styled clothes.
This picture was taken more than thirty years ago before all clever computer technology, it's convincing isnt it. Me and Jim thought wow when we looked at this. The picture was taken at a Scottish castle.


mamaspark said...

That ghost is creepy! I wouldn't want to run into here in a dark alley.
Have a happy Easter, Faith!!

Misafir (Ruth) Geldi said...

I'm sure I 've been there too! Which castle was it? Can you remember?