Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter, I'm on my own til about four thirty pm, so I'm making the best of stitching hard on several projects. For my Jim's Easter Egg I got Jim a lovely bright green t-shirt but decided the black logo on the front was a bit boring so out came my needle again and some red embroidery threads to back stitch round the outline. I thought Jim would like this idea to remind him of his red headed woman lol. Now that is completed I'm hoping to get on with a bit more on my parent's wedding anniversary card, then back on with the PDSA charity quilt. The kids are away for a another week Yippee they are somewhere in a caravan on some seaside resort. Looking at the weather its still really cold, I would of thought the sunshine would of showed itself today. My dogs Scratch and Alice would not go out, they looked at me as if saying
"Are you out of your mind?, its so cold!"
Yesterday I bought some more cream cotton to get on with some more blocks towards the houses block of the month and got some bargain finds of a couple of music tapes for fifty pence each. I got some piano classical music, some Simon and Garfunkle, and Thin Lizzy, I played these over and over again while I worked on Jim's t shirt. Jim also got a batman t-shirt and hes absolutely delighted with that. For my Easter box I got a watch with lime green straps on and large numbers, is he trying to tell me something lol.
Over the road feels very strange as the whole shopping centre is closed for Easter there are some odd droves of people and cars just walking around, driving around looking completely lost.
Well I have better get on with the rest of the card then the quilt, Happy Easter everyone and hope you all get the chance to do some stitching.


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Anonymous said...

What a great job you did on the Tshirt! It's a real 'original" now. I bet your efforts will be very appreciated!