Thursday, 16 April 2009

News and AQuilt Poem.

Im still very busy hand quilting, and working on a textiles postcard for a postcard swap but I wont show any picture of that until I post it to the lady this is intending for.
I have written a quilt poem for you all.

Give Me A Needle

Theres a stripper on the telly
wriggling his bum, plucking his thongs
but I've a needle in my hand
and a quilt on my lap.
The phone it just keeps ringing
and in my mind I'm quietly singing,
for Ive a needle in my hand
and this quilt it gives me joy.
Outside the rain keeps falling
but on my lap is my sunshine
with rays of colour in fabric, threads.
No pennies in my purse
but I'm rich with my needle
wealthy with my quilt,
which gives me so good feelings.
Feel the texture on the quilt,
love the sounds with the needle,
hand quilting through the frame
gentle sounds as if a drum.
When the thread pulls through,
you dont need drugs, have the quilt
and yes the guilt when buying fat quarters.
But give me the needle and
you'll have a smile and Im quilting,
I'm happy for a while
Never look down on a quilter.

Written by faith.

There's been a lot of dramas with the elderly dog of the family called Sam. Sam is an old white sheepdog who must be about 16. Hes a beautiful old white gentleman who developed terrible small abscesses and tumours on his ear. The abscess decided to explode making a mess everywhere and stinking the room out. Poor out Sam, we took him to the vets and the vet gave Sam an injection and will see him again tommorrow to decide whether to remove the nasty abscess on the ear which is luckily only skin deep. I will keep you all posted.


limpingalong said...

Loved the poem!!

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mamaspark said...

s sweet! I hope Sam is going to be OK. Be sure to keep us updated!!