Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Off To Town

While the weather has been such a gorgeous day and Jim my partner his day off, we decided to go into Leicester town and take some photos. I love walks where you see old buildings and feel so sad when you see them shut down and not used any more.
I love architecture and history and feel its important to take photos as next week, or even next month or year, the building and history could be gone forever.
I love taking photos also with the digital camera, colours and textures give me ideas for quilts and paintings.

There was a treat in store for me..... a lovely Knicker Bocker Glory I have not had one for years and it was delicious. just while I ate the cherry, I suddenly realised I should of took the picture right at the beginning, never mind, it was a lovely treat anyway.


Pat said...

Now I have to look up what a Knicker Bocker Glory is. It looks as if I would love it, too!!!

mamaspark said...

Me too. I have no idea what a Knicker Bocker Glory is but it looks yummy! Your hair is getting very long, looks good on you!!

MYRA said...

Great photos! Love the flowering trees! You look great with the yummy dish! 8-)