Friday, 24 April 2009

Roses Are Red

The last few days I have been really busy, I needed to complete the hand embroidered card for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary, send that off in the post and I wanted to do a rainbow t-shirt for myself to experiment, so thumbs up, so far so good with everything. I need to take a rest this afternoon before getting back on with the hand- quilting again.

Painting onto the tshirts were great fun using Chromacolour acrylic inks, this doesn't wash out so this would be fun to paint on textiles too. I hope everyone is having fun with their creativity and don't get too tired.


Jenny said...

Fab T-shirt and really lovely card!

MYRA said...

Great T-shirt and a wonderful job on the card! 8-)

Chris said...

That T-shirt turned out beautifully. I love you hand embroidery too. What's a Knickerbocker Glory? It looks soooo yummy.