Saturday, 25 April 2009

Taking Part

What a lovely gorgeous day the weather has been today. I managed to grab my poor long suffering partner out to Loughborough as I needed some Freezer Paper and Iron on fusion paper for Applique. Ive decided to take part in my first ever mini quilt swap. Im looking forward to this, it will be fun. So keep watching my blogs I will be doing a lot of experiments, some will work and some will fail, all combining my love of applique, art, painting and stitching, more into the lines of an art-quilt. I won't be entering a show this year but Im happy to take part in a quilt swap.

Sam the old sheepdog is doing really well after an operation to remove a nasty lump on the surface of his ear, next week he will be going back to the vets to have the stitches out.

The sun is still out so I may play around with a square piece of fabric and see what I can dye, paint on this background square.

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