Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Satin Stitch For The Day

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and thoughts.
Quickly me and Jim piled everything into the car but the kitchen sink, not forgetting Scratch and Alice and drove up to Sheffield. The weather was gloriously warm when we set off but halfway through the journey the black clouds blotted the beautiful blue sky as if I had splashed mucky black from my watercolours. The rain poured it down on that motorway and thank heavens Jim was such a good driver and got us through it all.
As soon as I arrived at the house my mum whipped me in a taxi with her to the hospital, it was a horrible anxious time. I was expecting my dad to be unconscious with tubes all over him, but there he was sitting up with wires and heart monitors etc. My dad had a heart-attack, some form of it as there as quite a few different ones, again everyone is different.
The doctors gave him Morphine to help with the pain, his blood tests were OK so today Wednesday, the ambulance drove him home and we are all thankful that he is here.
I have just managed to do some embroidery towards the mini quilt, embroidering in satin stitch two letters, the first in a lovely dark red and the second letter now a lighter red. All the letters round the edge of the quilt will be a nice bright colour, each a colour of the rainbow.
I don't have a camera with me or can download any pictures as my mum has a really old computer that is really slow, only suitable for writing.
Now that dad is home I can relax better, we are not going back to Leicester yet as my mum wants me to help with some dressmaking. A gorgeous black coat that is needing some hand stitching doing down the front and several loose tops that I didn't know I had already cut out ready for sewing. Don't mums spring lovely surprises on you eh ? lol we'd be so lost without our mums.
I hope all of you are able to enjoy some sunshine and get on with wonderful sewing.


Pat said...

I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better now. Enjoy your time with your family.

Chris said...

Well wishes to your dad and family

Jenny said...

Glad your dad is OK, enjoy your family time.

Beena said...

It's good you are spending time with your family, and your dad is home and okay!

Jude said...

So glad your dad is back home, enjoy the time with them.

Carol said...

Hope your dad recovers well and that you enjoy the visit with your family.