Sunday, 10 May 2009

Gee I'm Dressmaking

Dressmaking Non Stop

At last I have managed to get onto my mum's computer, I am still here in Sheffield but golly my mum is keeping me very busy but I'm enjoying it.
In the area where my parents live, it is very hilly with lots of wonderful views and very steep hills. The weather can be fine the next then absolutely blowing hard with winds and rain. I was bought up here as a child and alot of memories seep through every where I look.
Apparently last year when I was diagnosed with MS my mum bought loads of material to make me tops, dresses and lots of nightgowns. My mum had to go hospital at the same time to have her knees done so the dressmaking that my mum wanted to do for me never got done.
So to give my mum more room in the cupboards my mum handed me a load of dressmaking projects to do while I'm here. I must admit I have never been good at dressmaking,I used to always be scared of the sewing machine and made a mess at what ever I did so abandoned anything to do with dress making.
With my mum's help I have enjoyed myself this time, Mum helped me to make a gorgeous butterfly sun top and purple shorts. Unfortunately I can't download pictures on my mum's computer but I am taking pictures to show you all in seven days time when I get back to Leicester.
For the Spring Quilt Project I have been given the name of my swap partner. Alsorts of thoughts have been going through my mind, will my swap partner like the design that I'm doing? etc, I guess this is all the fun of it. I will post pictures of my spring project and process through each stage, I'm excited, all the materials are there now, every tiny bit just needs working on.
Mum took me to one of my favourite stores in Sheffield called Hobbycrafts and I bought myself some yellow silk threads to embroider on some lettering.
I'm now stitching long and short satin stitches in the lettering along the colour chart of the rainbow of lovely yellows. I know when I come off this computer today my mum has got me stitching inside of a lovely purple dressing gown to be completed. I'm rolling the inside seams then stitching down to make them more comfortable on the shoulders. My mum is such a good seamstress, once my mum made my wedding dress.
The dressing gown idea came from some purple lining due to be used for my coat but never got used, it seemed such pity to waste it.
The dressing gown is a princess line design taken from a fancy dress pattern of a queen's coat and I love it with frilly sleeves and nice fitted curves to fit the body. Amazingly I'm still having fun despite not quilting at the moment.
I hope everyone else manages to have some quilting fun despite being so busy.


Beena said...

I used to do some garment sewing, but am admittedly a better quilter. I admire anyone who can make something to wear! I think it can be much harder trying to sew something that will fit over a body as opposed to something that is just meant to be flat like a quilt!

Myra said...

Sounds like you are having a fine time with your mum. Bonding over some sewing, and doing some reminiscing of you childhood... 8-)