Thursday, 21 May 2009

Magic Carpets and More treasures

I promised to post some more pictures of my mum's favourite shop, so here they are.

Everything is handmade, hand-stitched, just look at the carpets all hand stitched with wool in a chain-stitch like fashion. There were some wonderful hand made cushions too embroidered, beaded and patchwork all combined. The owner of the shop didn't mind me taking photos, I explained to him about putting these lovely items on the blog showing the whole world how lovely they look. Sometimes it takes another crafter, quilter artist to appreciate just how wonderful these things are and just how long it takes to make these things. Maybe months? years even. Meanwhile I have ordered some textile medium to mix with the acrylic inks for working on my Spring Mini Quilt. My eyes just about stuck on stalks when I realised some have already finished their quilts, wow, I have such a lot of catching up to do.


Jenny said...

I love those rugs!

Beena said...

Thanks for posting the wonderful pics!

Myra said...

Great photos! Great rugs! 8-)