Friday, 29 May 2009

One Hot Friday

Cor it's been a very hot day today. It was my partner's day off so Jim was able to drive me to the Fabric Guild in Leicester. When I was in hospital last year quite a few ladies have mentioned to me about the fabric guild but I could never find the place or time to go to this fabulous place. It was'nt til I got talking to wonderful Jenny in Blogland til I found out more, when they are open and their address.
I was so excited, I think Jim must of thought oh no.... he knows what Im like when fabric shopping and overwhelmed with quilt ideas and wonderful fabrics. Jim was very good he waited in the car taking quite a few magazines to do quizzes and a couple of pens.
I noticed a lot of ladies along with their hubbys and partners tagging along. You always know when you are hitting a great quilting place meeting other quilters and quiltaholics.
Above the door was a hand written sign saying "Member's Only". This made me nervous, I thought just go in and enjoy it, let those eyes scan all the wonderful fabric and boy oh boy what a place. The building was like a huge warehouse with lights shining on the wonderful array of colourful rolls. I walked around stunned and in awe, good prices and such wonderful choices for material. I pulled out two rolls with wonderful batik style material. I held onto these like a child hugging a favourite doll, the colours spell binded me and this was what I had come for. I told myself to be good and just get material and things for what Im working on now. I got some material to go towards the Spring Mini Quilt, the backing for this and some calico to weight down the mini quilt a bit.
I looked round for some tiny applique scissors and some dmc floss in the rainbow colours that I wanted but they did not have any. I noticed the store also sold material for dye-ing, wadding and oooh the fat quarters at just a pound each. Yes they had super Jelly Rolls too Ive still not bought one of these yet but I will do one day. My little great niece Annabel would like a quilt but I want to sit down and design one for her to put in all lovely things that has been lovely and great to me too, like a great aunt sort of showing and giving a story book but in a quilt. Lots of ideas ticking round in my head lol.
Jim kindly took me to town to get the Rainbow threads and a quilting magazine that mostly inspired me..."Quilt..Mania", and a Knicker Bocker glory sundae. For all you bloggers who regularly visit my site Im doing something for all of you to thanks for being my blogging pal. Giveaways are ok but then you get lists and so many people you have never heard of put the names down and sometimes they win making it a bit unfair for your faithful blogging freinds. So in the future a couple a weeks down the line you will be hearing from me by email.... lol.
There are inspiring quilts, hand appliqued and hand quilted looking absolutely fabulous that I would like to quilt and design like one day. Its a bit like an Olympic hero where you say I want to be like him or her one day. I get that feeling when I look at all these wonderful quilts which is inspiring me to practice sit down and have a go at different things.
One day I would like to get a book about Hawaai quilting with patterns to have a go at.
I definetely would like to practise more at needle turning, hand painting on fabric.
Well I have rambled on enough now. I will post some pictures tommorrow of my great treasures from the FG and let you know how Im progressing on the Mini Quilt. I hope you are all having fun quilting and have a wonderful weekend.


Pat said...

Sounds like a really fun day for you! I am on the SAME wave-length as you about the giveaways. I cannot stand it when I have a giveaway and a person wins who only WENT to my blog to enter the giveaway and then I never hear from that person again. That happened to me twice in recent months, so now I just do giveaways for those who read my blog regularly and I tell them the ONLY rule is that they are NOT to write about it on their blogs as I want the winner to be one of my REGULAR readers....seems only fair to me (as it does to you). Hooray for your thinking on this, Faith!

Beena said...

Sounds like an amazing time you had shopping, and I can't wait for you to post pictures of your new goodies you got!

Dolores said...

What a dear your Jim is. I have one of those dears too. This weekend he is driving me to see a quilt show. He naps in the vehicle or if we take the dog, they go for a walk. I love fabric shopping too and especially if I find something I'm looking for.

Jenny said...

Looking forward to seeing your purchases Faith!

Flowers of Crete said...

I'm a friend of Jen's and a quilter living in Crete. I fantasise about a day at the Fabric Guild. May come over and stay with Jen for a few days in August for a fabric fest!