Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spring Flowers In Progress

Yesterday the textiles paste didn't come so decided to carry on working on the middle bit for the Spring Flowers Mini Quilt Swap. I have another eight flowers to cut out and iron on. All the stalks and leaves have been painted now so it's just the case of cutting those out too.

I got Jim to bring me some more fabrics down from my boxes as I was beginning to run out of colours but I'm ok now. Just sit back and enjoy, let your creativity shine through is my motto for doing anything like this. Hand stitching is taking place round the flowers, I'm pleased with the idea of the veins worked on in back stitch. All what I love doing is combined here, painting, embroidery, quilting. Notice my love of glitter paint round the highlights!!

Lots of my inspiration and help have come from the Quilting Arts magazine reassuring me that it is OK to combine all painting, embroidery and quilting, not forgetting beading in the quilt piece.

There are more letters to thread paint on the verse that Jim wrote for me to put round the sides of this piece. Though I am enjoying doing this, I'm hoping my swap partner will like this.

I think I have asked my poor Jim does this look contemporary enough? not too old fashioned? I think Jim has told me YES about ten times, hee hee.

Outside the weather is raining, I have a few bags to go to the charity shops and I really do want to get the latest version of Quilting Arts magazine, and Fabrications.

I hope everyone is having quilting fun, I can't wait to look round the blogs and see what wonderful items you are all working on.


Beena said...

Wow! You are doing such a beautiful job. There's so much work and detail to your flowers and the stems. Someone sure is going to be lucky to get this. So very lucky. I can't wait to see how this continues to progress!

Chris said...

Beautiful hand work in your last post and I just love your flowers for the mini swap!

mamaspark said...

Faith, this is coming out so well! the letters were amazing too. Someone very lucky will be receiving this quilt!

Jenny said...

Thats beautiful Faith, you do some lovely work!

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Someone is going to be a mighty lucky recepient. Your mini quilt is delicious!

Dolores said...

I've not seen those flowers before. I think they are very nice. Yes, lucky recipient.