Monday, 25 May 2009

Thread Painting In Between!

Yesterday and today I had been busy working on the Spring Mini Quilt....stitching the lettering to go round the edge! I'm quite pleased with the satin stitch method working long and short stitch which is an excellent filler stitch in lettering and flowers. This reminded me of painting but thread painting instead. There is along way to go yet, the rest of the words on this little bit and another two sides to work on lettering. I'm having to juggle my time between sewing and helping Jim to scrape the old wall paper off in the bathroom which is certainly yuck work and not enjoying this at all, I would much rather be thread painting and quilting than tantrums in the bathroom trying to get horrible jobs done but they need doing. At least tomorrow when Jim goes back to work I can get on with the sewing again.

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Beena said...

You are doing such an amazing job with the thread painting! I can completely understand why you'd rather be doing this, rather than that other yucky stuff!
If I have nothing else I'd rather be doing, I don't mind the chores so much. But when I have a project I'm really engrossed in, it's difficult to break away from it to do chores.
Whoever gets your quilt is going to be so lucky!
Thanks for leaving the kind comments on my blog!